Content Marketing: Shifts, trends and results

Content Marketing Shifts and Trends

Want to know the latest content marketing strategies that can help your business?

Today I'm sharing with you my top four take-aways from a seminar I attended in Brisbane exploring the latest tactics and shifts in content marketing, for Australian and global audiences.

I've included one  tip from each presenter that is helpful for small to medium sized business owners.

Content should be relevant, engaging and inspiring

Kyle Manning at iProspect, architect of the National Story Blog, The Store-y (check it out, it’s fantastic!) emphasised that not just any content will do. In this world of content saturation, it is more important than ever to produce relevant content that informs, engages, inspires and entertains. Ultimately content should be about driving positive business outcomes so ensure your content strategy includes adequate KPIs to measure impact.

An opportunity to solve a pain point for your customers

According to James McGrath, Content Editor at Myob, content is of value when it helps solve a pain point for the customer. It should be helpful, well written and compelling. Effectively audience segmentation combined with a clever content strategy for each segment can convert attention to sales.

Adapt your content based on audience insights

Taking a friendly, community-based approach to video content has proven a successful strategy for real estate company Place Graceville. Content Producer Georgina Auton said research indicated people wanted to shorter videos and more fun content on their social media channels which they have achieved by cutting videos to less than 30 seconds and sharing light-hearted stores of team members active in the community.

Mobile responsive content is no longer a choice

Almost 80% customers stop engaging in content that does not display well on their mobile device according to SEM Rush Digital Marketing Specialist, Ashleigh Ward. Images should be appropriately sized and load fast. Aim for a page load speed of less than two seconds.

Finally, the consensus across all four of these amazing speakers is just about everyone is investing in content right now. If your business does not have a content strategy, chances are your competitors do, which may be giving them a competitive edge.